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We love working with our clients and it shows! Find out why small businesses in the Old Bridge, NJ area turn to Rizick & Rizick CPAs for quality tax and accounting services.

Clear and Precise

"I always felt Gail at Rizick & Rizick CPA's always responds to me in a timely fashion. Plus the way she explains our financial situation is clear and precise!"

Camille B. - June 2020

Professional and Responds Quickly

"Highly recommended to me by my attorney and has not disappointed. Professional and responds quickly!"

Kathy A. - April 2020

Recommend Them to our Friends

"Been working with them both for business and personal finances for many years and recommend them to our friends and business connections."

Ronald C. - September, 2019

Thorough and Easy to Work With

"I use Rizick & Rizick for both personal and business and they are very thorough and easy to work with. I feel confident in the work they do for us."

Madeleine H. - August, 2019

First Class Accounting Firm

"We were in need of a first-class certified forensic accountant to audit the books and records of a company we intended to purchase. Rizick and Rizick was recommended to us by our law firm and we are most grateful they did. Within a matter of days significant financial irregularities were uncovered, irregularities most other accounting firms would have never caught. Kudos to Gail and Stuart for running a first class accounting firm!"

Forensic Accounting Client - July, 2018

Keen Accounting Skills

"I am so very grateful to you, your keen accounting skills, and your dedication to us – even as a new client. Not only did you complete our end-of-year accounting with precision, you uncovered a significant error that our previous (and larger) accounting firm made – an error that had taken funds off of our table and had reduced our capacity to reinvest in our business. Your efforts put us back on track.

Working with you has helped lift the negativity that other accounting firms had left behind. Your energy, professionalism, and intelligence have been a welcome relief. Your advice and counsel help us to feel more secure as we weigh financial choices.; Thank you for being a source of reliable information, and a provider of calm, expert, and process-oriented action."

Marketing Business Client- December, 2016

Handling Multiple Businesses

"I am so fortunate to have Gail as my accountant for more than 5 years handling my personal and multiple businesses. I am able to focus on my creative work with her expertise and unique personal guidance. Every year I am reminded how glad I am she is handling my accounting and taxes and I am grateful to her."

Janine K. , October 10, 2016

Confident My Taxes Are Done Correctly

Gail has done my taxes for a couple years now. Her expertise has steered me in the right direction several times. I feel confident my taxes are done correctly."

William R., April 06, 2015

Very Easy to Get in Touch With

"Gail was excellent to work with! I had a complex tax situation this year due to working jobs in multiple states and she figured everything out, and explained different fees and rules in each state to me. She very easy to get in contact with and the final return doc had summary sheets that explained each portion of my return, how much I owed each state and why."

Jake, March 05, 2015

Business and Personal Taxees

"This is my second year working with Gail, and I continue to be impressed with the prompt service she provides. Any inquiries I have are quickly answered. She seems to have an excellent knowledge of both business and personal taxes. I look forward to a long association with Gail."

Joe N., March, 2015

Found Tax Deductions

"We were in a tough spot with our taxes last year and Gail did an excellent job finding us deductions we wouldn't have on our own. Although our tax situation this year was much simpler, we elected to hire Gail again for the peace of mind and easy process. Gail provides prompt, professional, personal service that you don't get at the 'chain' stores. We won't hesitate to hire Gail for our future tax needs. Thank you Gail!"

Ryan W., March, 2015

Very Responsive and Helpful

"Gail provided us tremendous support. She easily handled what appeared to us to be a complex set of circumstances. She was very responsive and helpful. We give her our highest recommendation and endorsement."

Mark W., February, 2015

Handled My Business Taxes With Ease

"Gail is AMAZING! She is very personable and very knowledgeable. She handled my business taxes with ease. She does a great job of making everything easy and she responded quickly to any questions I had. She seemed to truly care about me and my needs and made me feel like I wasn't just next in line. I will definitely continue to use Gail for my business and personal taxes in the future and I feel comfortable recommending her to anyone. Thank-you, Gail for taking the stress and worry out of tax time! All of your efforts are very much appreciated! "

Business/Individual Tax client, March, 2014

Trusted Accountant

"Gail has been a trusted accountant who we have referred many of our clients to over the years. Allowing Gail to handle their taxes has eliminated a major headache for them come tax time, which isn't surprising to us given that she has always exhibited the highest level of professionalism and thoroughness in her craft."

Client/Investment advisory industry- December, 2013

Patience With Complicated Tax Issues

"I value Gail's assistance, understanding, and most of all patience in working with complicated tax issues. (Let me rephrase, they were complicated to me.. but she breezed through them with ease!) I look forward to many years of business with her! "

Individual Tax client, April, 2014

Easy to Get Documents to Her

"I have a tricky schedule working nights and Gail has made it so easy to get documents to her and has been flexible with doing everything by email. "

Individual Tax client, March, 2014

Trusted Accountant

"Gail has been a trusted accountant who has prepared my quarterly sales tax, 1099s, K-1s, and year-end business tax returns for many years. Additionally she has guided me on how to handle and report various business issues. Having Gail handle this side of my business allows me to focus on day-to-day operations. Gail is professional, responsive, calm, extremely knowledgeable, and a true asset to any business owner."

Business Tax Client, March, 2014

Certified to Do Business Valuations

"Gail Rizick has been my accountant for the past 5 years. Gail and her firm are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of tax planning for individuals and business owners as well. Gail is proactive in helping individuals and business owners to plan throughout the year, to be prepared and to offer strategies to assist them in the best planning for their situation. Gail also has a vast knowledge and is certified to do business valuations to assist in estate planning and business succession situations. Gail is readily available to answer any questions you may have and prides herself on great service to her clients. I highly recommend Gail Rizick for all your accounting and valuation needs. "

Business client, December, 2013

Can Always Count on Gail

"I have worked with Gail Rizick on several complex tax and accounting projects over several years. Gail's level of tax, business and accounting expertise was exceptional and the outcome was excellent. Gail has an easy way about her that made me very comfortable and gave me full confidence in her ability to represent me and produce favorable results. Additionally I have learned that I can always count on Gail to be fair and reasonable and accurately depict the situation whether it is good or not. I would highly recommend hiring Gail for your accounting, business and tax needs."

Business/Forensic Accounting client, October, 2013

Best Decision I Every Made

If there is one stress everyone should eliminate from their life - its accounting! Letting go and allowing Gail Rizick to handle my business and personal accounting is the best decision I ever made. She is extremely organized, calm, and clearly knowledgeable about tax laws and requirements. Although taxes can be very complicated, she made everything very easy to understand and is always able to get back to me immediately. I HIGHLY recommend Gail Rizick. Great results and no hassles! "

Tax client, September, 2013

More Happy Clients

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